Dear Colleagues,

I would like each of you to take the time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct. This Code summarizes important company policies and the legal obligations pertaining to each employee in our Company.

I would like to see all our team members and employees operate with certain core values, which includes: Integrity, Team Work, Individual Respect, Spirit of Innovation, Continuous Improvement, and Customer Satisfaction.

These are the values, which serve as the foundation for making effective decisions and conducting business successfully. In a world which is changing at an aggressive pace, I would also like to see our current employees welcome new working processes, new ideas as well as new team members, to face the related challenges ahead. There is much to be learned from those of you who have been with our Company for many years now, and much to be learned from new team players who join us and bring in new ideas. Any successful company has a mix of both old and new.

Most of all, I urge you to practice good judgment in deciding what course of action is most appropriate while conducting your business and while dealing with peers, colleagues, managers and subordinates. Be alert to situations that pose the question: what is right, and what is wrong. By abiding by our Code of Conduct, we can ensure that YAMANCAR continues to maintain its respected reputation as a leading Company, which places the satisfaction of its customers above all, and ensures that we always provide pleasant experience & high quality service.

This Code may change from time to time with the evolution of our local laws, as well as with circumstances that surround and govern the nature of our business..

Chief Executive Offi